7 Things To Remember For #SXSW19

Screenshot 2019-03-04 22.01.31.png

The final countdown is on to the SX (“South By”), the multi-hyphenate Austin festival that brings the most innovative creatives to wait in lines to see other innovative professionals talk and/or perform.  Joking aside, we thought we’d put together a few things that we try and remember each year we go. Hopefully it helps you plan for your #SXSW19.

  • Expect Less: Multiple events happen at the same time or across town or perhaps you didn’t expect to run into someone on the street. Expect to do less than you thought, and you won’t be disappointed.

  • Weekends Are Key: A lot of the brands breakdown their activations on Monday, so hit them before EOD Sunday. Even if you don’t get to go, chances are you have a friend who did and posted on social media about it. So live vicariously.

  • Get Outside Your Comfort Zone: Take advantage of the cross-pollination of industries. If you work in XR, try a music event. If you work in Music, talk to people clearly in the movie industry. Just try something new. There are very few times when multiple industries converge, so take advantage if you can.

  • Be an Early Bird: If you don’t stay out late, which is kinda unavoidable, hit some of the most popular destinations to, hopefully, avoid the lines. Those lines can be long. You may be forced to make the decision of attend two really cool talks or just wait in line to maybe not get into another event.

  • Prioritize Comfort: There will be lines. There will be some rain. It might get cold at night, even though you were sweating during the day. Be ready for any kind of weather, and wear comfortable shoes. Again, wear comfortable shoes.

  • Stay Open: Leave some time to explore SXSW without an agenda. You will be inspired, and chances are you’ll run into someone you know, maybe us!

  • Have Fun: SXSW is truly inspiring. Enjoy!